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Let everyone know just how much your dog loves the Rowdies. An adorable way to express your Rowdies pride while on the road, this magnet is a great alternative to bumper stickers because it won’t leave any sticky residue—and you can transfer it from car to car so that everyone in the house can have a turn. The high-gloss UV ink will stand up to rain and shine, and it can actually stick to any magnetic surface. Get one for your mailbox or refrigerator so there’s never any doubt about just how much your dog loves the Rowdies. It also makes an excellent gift for the fellow pet parents in your life!


  • Magnet allows you to proudly display your dogs love for the Rowdies on your vehicle.
  • Also sticks to all other magnetic surfaces, including mailboxes, refrigerators, and filing cabinets.
  • A great alternative to bumper stickers; won’t leave a residue and can transfer from car to car.
  • Measures 2-inches high by 7-inches long and is printed with a weather-friendly, high-gloss UV ink.
  • Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA in Richmond, Virginia.