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Looking for a smart way to get your beautiful dish to the dinner party, intact? The Potluck Casserole Carrier Tote was made especially for moments like these. This “Lasagna Lugger” has a large insulated compartment to use as a cooler or to store and transport casseroles up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. There’s additionally a spacious, non-insulated top compartment for serving utensils or other shelf-stable food items. Large handles make it easy to transport your casserole upright, two elastic loops at the back hold one large serving utensil (not included), and a framed window slot for your identification card ensures your casserole bag will make it back to your kitchen. Fitting any 9 by 13 inch casserole or pyrex dish, this premium casserole carrier gets your dinner party masterpiece delivered to the buffet in style. This tote is an essential piece of any good potluck party. For more information on this product, please visit https://thebayrepublic.com/pages/home-office-product-specifics